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IP Filtering

Detect and block spam at the source with our extensive IP address analysis.

Content Analysis

Sophisticated analysis tools for detecting and assessing potential spam content.

Email Validation

Validate and verify emails with our thorough multi-stage process.

All the Data You Need, At Your Fingertips!

SpamCheckAI not only identifies and blocks spam but equips you with the comprehensive data needed to make informed decisions.

Uncover What Lies Behind Every URL

Unleash the unparalleled power of SpamCheckAI’s URL Analysis, a revolutionary tool that digs deep to uncover hidden risks and elevates your platform’s integrity to new heights!

Easily connect to tools you already use

Your Go-To Flexible JSON Spam API

Looking to combat spam? That’s where SpamCheckAI comes in! Just pass the email and IP if you have them, then toss in any JSON object as the body. Yep, it’s as simple as that! Whether you’ve got a handful of data or a whole heap, we’re all about flexibility. With SpamCheckAI, you’re in control, and spam doesn’t stand a chance. Let’s kick spam to the curb, your way!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about SpamCheckAI’s mystical spam-banishing powers? Fear not! Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently conjured queries about our API. If your question remains shrouded in mystery, reach out and we’ll demystify it for you!

What types of content can SpamCheckAI's API analyze for spam detection?

SpamCheckAI's API can analyze various content types including emails, IP addresses, and text content. It scrutinizes for known spam activities, validates emails, checks URLs, and even detects profanity, language, and location—all to keep your digital world spam-free.

Our API accepts free-form JSON, send us whatever you have!

Does SpamCheckAI's API ensure the privacy of email validation?

Absolutely! During the SMTP validation stage, we interact with the mail server to verify the email address without sending an actual email. It's like knocking on the door without ringing the bell—privacy preserved, and no disturbances caused.

What measures does SpamCheckAI take to ensure data privacy and security?

Your data's safety is our priority! All data processing and storage happens in Canada, and our servers are hosted on AWS, adhering to robust security protocols. We handle data with utmost care, following strict guidelines to ensure privacy.

How does SpamCheckAI handle data retention, and what happens to the data used for training and debugging?

At SpamCheckAI, we believe in flexible and secure data handling. Data retention is configurable, retaining only minimal metadata for billing or up to 90 days, as per your preference. Spam logs are never used for training or other purposes but are strictly for your own debugging and support if desired. On the other hand, spam reports are utilized for training and fine-tuning our models. Rest assured, data uploaded by you to fine-tune your models is handled with the utmost privacy, and is strictly used only for your account. We're as selective with your data as our API is with spam!

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